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email of 25 January 2010

cual es la diferencia entre una pera y una novia de un misionero?
una es pera, y la otra no


That's my most recent favorite Spanish joke. It doesn't really translate into English very well, but if you're dying to know, ask someone who speaks Spanish and let them explain it to you :)

Well Happy January 25th!!! I surely hope that everything is going great in your neck of the woods! California is just great! This last week was really good for us here, rain and all! Yesterday, we had 6 investigators at Sacrament meeting! Actually, in total we had 12 people in church , but only 6 who are specifically investigators made it to sacrament meeting (so that's the 6 in Sacrament mtg, plus 3 children under the age of 8, and the neice of one of our investigators...we haven't taught her (the neice) yet, so she doesn't count as an investigator; two of our other investigators made it to church, just not quite in time for sacrament meeting). It was a miracle!!!

We actually went by around 9:30 in the morning for the Reyes family (the one's we were going to walk with), and when we got there, the house was still pretty dark, but Alejandro (the 10 year old that we're teaching) answered the door and told us that everyone was still asleep, except for his aunt (Alicia, investigator) and his grandma (Antonia, also an investigator). Jorge (the cousin - investigator) was asleep on the couch and wouldn't get up. Then Alicia's sister came out and told us that they weren't there...they'd left, but she didn't know where to. RRRGH! So we ran over to the laundromat to check and see if they were there...no dice. So we went back to their apartment to wait outside to see if we could catch them. Wait, wait, wait, nothin'. We called their house and talked to Teresa (the sister) again, who told us they still weren't there. Walked back to the laundromat to see if anyone there knew where they were. Nope. Went back to the apartment, and right as we got there (it's about 9:50 by this time -- church starts at 10), out came Teresa (the sister -- not an investigator) with Antonia (the grandma, one of the one's we were looking for) and several of the kids. Antonia just said that she was so sorry, but they weren't going to be able to make it this week because the had to go help their cousin with some food thing. Sorry! Come next week though, we'll come!


I can't tell you the feelings of frustration and disappointment that I was feeling as she told us that. I couldn't even really muster an understanding smile. Both my companion and I were pretty much about to cry. Maybe it seems silly, but OH! When you work with and love a family so much, and then they don't do the one thing that you've been really planning on the whole week -- the one thing that you know will help to strengthen and solidify their little growing testimonies, and will help them progress in the gospel -- never mind the fact that you got there with plenty of time and waited for nearly a 1/2 hour, when that happens, it can feel like a pretty crushing blow!

So anyways, we just sort of stood there, watching them leave, and listening to Antonia's apologies, not entirely sure what to do. So we asked if Alicia was going with them, or if she'd be able to make it to church. Antonia said that Alicia was going with them -- sorry, next week! -- and called in after her. We went in to just see and talk to Alicia for a second, and she came out crying. She said she was so sorry, but would for sure come next week, and would we still come by during the week. So we talked to her for a second -- almost all of us in tears -- and then left to walk to church by ourselves. Halfway down the street, our phone rang, and it was Alicia. "Will you wait for me? I want to go -- I'll hurry!"


It was kind of an Alma moment -- you know, the terrible sadness and disappointment that turned to great joy and rejoicing. We were two happy and excited sister missionaries, let me tell you!

So we ran back to the apartment, and waited while Alicia hurriedly got herself and her 4, 6, and 1-year old children ready. In the meantime, we woke Jorge up and told him to hurry and get ready because he was coming to church. Within about 7 minutes, we were all ready and out the door! So the 7 of us walked to church together and had a great Sunday!

So that was our big Sunday! And that's not to mention all the others that came and had great experiences as well! We actually tracted into a lady -- Danielle --on Saturday, who recognized us as a wake-up call from God that came at just the right time in her life. She came to church and brought her neice, and had a wonderful time! She was the most vocal and active participant there, as a matter of fact! We're teaching her later this week, and are so excited!

Also, Sister Dickson and I won the clean apartment award for this transfer (and that's out of the entire mission, thank you very much!), called the "Elder Gene" award, which includes a steak dinner with Pres and Sister Blackburn up at the mission home tonight!! I'll be sure to take and send pictures!

So good to hear how well everyone's doing! Thanks for the great emails, as well as the little messages from friends -- it's a fun little treat!

Dad, thanks for being amazing. I so appreciate your letters, especially in the last couple of weeks. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to get those kinds of letters from you!

Well, have a fabulous week and remember how much your missionary loves you all!!!!!!!!

I Love you TONS!!!!!!!

Hermana Sallie


I Love Being a Missionary!!!!!

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