Tuesday, February 9, 2010

email of 8 February 2010

Well hello!

Another week, come and gone on the mission...and I'm still alive and kickin' it! I have a great new companion, Sister Stout, from Hurricane Utah! Things are going really well for us still here, and I'm enjoying working with my new companion. I DO miss having Sister Dickson, but that's just because we had really gotten close, and I'm still adjusting to a new, different companion; she's really good though! Like I said last week though, I'm really trying to remember how I felt when I first got out, and am praying like crazy and working hard to be the best trainer for Sis. Stout that I can be!

Yesterday wa had the baptism of Estela Chavolla! It was so beautiful, and I just love how great the spanish ward is at taking care of each other in the little details that busy missionaries sometimes forget. Forgot to ask one of the sisters to be at the side of the font waiting with the towel? No worries, the WML's wife just went right in with her to help. Didn't think to arrange for/ask about refreshments? Oh, they're all over that with homemade cupcakes and hot chocolate (mmmmm....). And Estela was so happy! All three of her daughters came, and they seemed to really enjoy/appreciate it. They are a very close, loving and supportive family, and Estela is really hoping that they will see the blessings and changes in her life and want to be part of the church as well! If you'll recall, Alicia was also supposed to be baptized, but due to a few circumstances that arose last minute, her baptism is being postponed for just a little while, we hope. It sure broke my heart though, and I cried for the first time in a while. I'm not really much of a crier anymore...I think I may just be pretty cried out from the MTC and my first several transfers; although, maybe not because it sure was relieving to be able to just cry and let it out for a couple of minutes yesterday...minus the headache that accompanied afterwards. Anyways, everything is ok now, and we're going to keep working with Alicia and her family; they just HAVE to get baptized!!!

Hmmmmmm, what's something funny that has happened in the last little while that I can share? hmmmmm...well, we're teaching english to these two cute little old Indian women, Mohini and Saroj. They're so funny! Everytime we come over, when we first see them and say hi, they always respond with, "Oh fine, and you?" in this cute little accent and in the exact same tone of voice. It's really much better in person, trust me. Something kind of fun with that though, is that a few weeks ago they took a picture with us to send to their family in India. So, somewhere across the world in some family's little apartment in India there's a picture of me!

I've definitely had the blessing of being able to sing a lot out here on my mission, and I really love it! Last night was one of our "President's Firesides" that Pres Blackburn does every month or so for investigators and recent converts, and I was asked to do the special musical number for it. I sang the Rob Gardner arrangement of "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul", ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aPtzR1svzU ) which I love! It was really nice, and I think that the Spirit was able to touch a few hearts through the music.

I just love being a missionary here!

Oh, and Dad -- I followed your little suggestion from last week and asked for a blessing yesterday from the AP's (they live right next door in the mission home), and it was really wonderful! I hadn't had one since the week I left the MTC, and it was just really good to have a personal blessing from the Lord to me. So thanks for that suggestion!

It was weird to be called by my first name though...

Well that's it for this week! I love you all -- be strong!

I love being a missionary!


Hermana Sallie


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