Thursday, March 4, 2010

email of 03 March 2010


...It's already March...I can't believe it!

Oh what a good week it's been! The temple today was wonderful -- it's such a blessing and privilege to serve in a mission where we can go to the temple every two transfers! It always seems to come at just the right time, and is an amazing spiritual boost for me! Ou session this morning was at 6:30am, and it was such a beautiful little walk down to the temple from our apartment, just before sunrise, with the crisp morning air and all the little birds just singing away happily! What an incredible blessing it is to be a part of this marvelous gospel! The thought crossed my mind this morning a few times, as I was changing into my white temple clothes and waiting for the session to begin, that so many people have no idea. They just have no idea what wonderful blessings the Lord has for them, and how much higher He can and will lift us out of the dreary, smoggy "mists of darkness" of this life, if we'll let Him!!! I was thinking about all the worldly, carnal things that this world has to offer, about all the actors and actresses and their big awards shows and things -- what a big to-do it is, and how much trouble they all go to to find just the perfect dress, ect, just to parade out in front of the world -- and how it all just pales in comparison to the incredible, beautiful simplicity of the temple and gospel blessings -- and they have NO IDEA!!! Not that they're all bad people or anything, just that there's so much more; we all have so much amazing, eternal, divine potential! We just have to be obedient and follow in the Lord's way!

We tracted into a young man this week, who was very openly and brazenly atheist. Unlike Justin, who just doesn't really understand the nature of God and how to believe in Him, this man was just out-and-out opposed to God and religion and our beliefs. We actually talked for a good little bit, and he kept making so many arguments about science and evolution and proof and things like that; he also kept talking about/bringing up things about our "history" as a church -- things that were super mixed up and twisted -- and really just arguing his point from whatever angle he could. It wasn't a heated argument or anything, but we were both very open and unmoved in our standpoints. Now this story doesn't have any sort of a "cool" ending about us being able to completely defend the truth and silence him and him wanting to be baptized or anything; none of that happened. We did our best, praying for help and direction to say the right things, but, in the end, we just bore our testimonies and left. But I can tell you that even though we couldn't "change his mind," my testimony was strengthened, because I know the truth! I know the truth, and I know that I know it, and I know that that young man has been blinded by the cunning craftiness of Satan...who is carefully leading him away; and yet, he is also a son of the most high God, one with incredible potential that will never be realized as long as he is unwilling to see and hear what is true. 2 Nephi 28...good heavens Nephi was right!!!

But OH! I know that God is real and that this is His church and gospel, and that it's true!!!

That's about it for today...sorry it's a little shorter than usual, but I had lots of emails to read, and that's the most important things that I want you to hear from me today -- that the church is true and I know it!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
I Love being a missionary!

(Aunt) Hermana Sallie (on a missin!)


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