Monday, August 9, 2010

email of August 09, 2010

Hello hello to my wonderful family and friends!!!!! How are you all?

Actually, I know how MOST of you are, but there are two people in particular that are overdue in giving me an update about their lives! One of them APPARENTLY just bought a car, and the other is still planning how to get me back with the rolo...

LA is great, and I have a really good story about this last week to tell you :D
So South Lynwood (my new area) is mainly Hispanic, with some black as well, but little to no white people; I'm pretty sure we're some of the only white girls in the place. We absolutely love it here, though I've never been quite so painfully aware of the fact that I am indeed WHITE. This really hasn't been a problem at all though, so please don't worry! The funny story though, happened on Saturday, the 7th, when we were biking down to an appointment that's in the Compton part of our area (the southern 1/4-1/3 or so). It was in the middle of the day, and as we were biking, we passed two cops who were stopped talking to each other. I casually waved (I always wave to cops) and kept going. A second later though, I hear my companion calling, "Hermana, Hermana! Stop!" I looked back to see the cop pulling up along side of us with his window down, and stopped. Sis. Fitzgerald was scared to death; she thought for sure we were getting pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign or something like that. Instead, the cop pulled up, looked out his window at us, and incredulously said, "Do you know where you are?!"

Uh, yeah.

"Uh huh!" We replied.
"Good Heavens!" he said, "where are you girls from?!"
"Oh, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" we said with a smile.
"So, what, are you Jehovah's Witnesses, or Mormons?"
"Man! I knew they sent the guys out -- I've seen them around -- but I didn't know they sent women too. And here!"
"So where are you girls actually from, originally?"
"Well I'm from Las Vegas" said Sis. F,
"And I'm from South Carolina," I chimed in.
"Does anyone ever bother you or anything?" He asked, again, incredulous.
"No, not really." (...well, except you...)
"You have cell phones, right?"
"Yes, of course. We have a cell phone; AND we're very careful!"
"So do you, where do you live?"
"Oh, we have an apartment up in Lynwood"
"Good L---, where?"
"Oh, up by the hospital. Do you live around here?"
"Heck no! I live over in the valley!"
"Oh, ok; hey, can we give you a card?"
"Uh, sure, if you want to," he said, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.
"Ok! This is to receive a free Book of Mormon....blah blah blah schpeel about the card..."
"Yeah, thanks. Alright then, you girls be careful ok?"
"Don't worry, we will!"

We chatted for another minute or so, and then he left, but yeah, it was pretty stinking funny. Now, even though we're thee only two white girls around here, really and truly, no one had ever really bothered us up to that point, minus the occasional cat call, which happens no matter what as a sister missionary, but darn it all if we didn't get more than usual after he drove off! IT's all good though, and I really do love being a missionary here!

(Photo of Sallie with her new mission president [Baker] and his wife.)

The new Visitor's Center finally opened this last weekend, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! We went up with some investigators yesterday, and had a great experience! I hope I can bring you guys out here someday so that you can see it too! I LOVE IT!!!!

Well, that's about all my time for this week! I love you so much! I love this gospel, I love this work, IT'S ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

I Love Being a Missionary!!!!!

Hermana Sallie


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