Monday, August 30, 2010

email of 30 August 2010

Good Afternoon!!!

How are all of you this beautiful Monday?! I'm doing GREAT here in Lynwood, and I have some GREAT stories for you from this week!!!

First of all, JAVIER GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The baptism was yesterday (Sunday) at 5pm. Well, it was supposed to be at 5pm...Latin Mormon Standard Time is a thing to be reckoned with, so the baptism actually didn't really start until about 5:40pm, but it DID start, and went beautifully! Afterwards, we went over to Javier's for dinner -- we made them the Italian chicken goop from Nauvoo, and it was delicious! It was SO great to see Javier after his baptism -- they invited him to come up and share his testimony, and he just shared very sweetly how good he felt and how happy and content he was to be baptized. It was beautiful.

Oh, I spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! In Spanish!!! Since it was a 5th Sunday (I think...), and also probably because our ward was just reorganized and we have a new bishopric, we had a missionary SM, and I and one of my MTC district Elders spoke! I spoke about becoming like Jesus Christ by being "shepherds" to those who are new and less-active members. THAT'S SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Anyways, it went pretty well!

A really, really cool experience came this week as we had a lesson with Faustino and Margie on Friday. We watched a couple of clips from the DVD "Special Witnesses of Christ," and then, as we were bearing our testimonies afterward, specifically about the prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration, Faustino began to really open up about some of his questions and doubts about those very things. So we asked him if he had actually prayed to know that they were true. Nope, he hadn't. So we invited him to kneel down and pray right then and there with us, and then to pause and wait for his answer. He did -- said a really sweet prayer specifically asking those questions, followed by praying for all the children in the world, etc, finished, and waited silently on his knees. I have never prayed so hard for someone to get an answer in my life.

After a minute or two, he looked up at us and smiled, then said "I feel all warm, like HOT, like I'm about to catch on fire or something!"


We listened for a minute as he described his feelings, then pulled out D/C 9, which he thought was really cool...

He's still thinking about baptism, but he DEFINITELY got an answer, and it was SO COOL!!!!!

Oh, something funny that just happened right before we came to do email: So as missionaries, anytime you're backing up in the car, there has to be a missionary standing behind the car, directing/checking for safety. Now, this is TERRIBLY embarrassing for my dear companion, especially when we're in public and there's anyone around. So as we were backing out of our spot over at the 99cent store, I was very attentively watching my companion in my rearview mirror, when I noticed a rather large black man walk in front of our car, spot my companion, and then look at me with WIDE open eyes, frantically pointing behind me, saying, "Oh! Oh!" I at first thought that he was teasing us, but then realized that he was very genuinely concerned for my companion's well-being, as he thought I didn't see her and was going to run her over! It was hilarious! Probably way funnier in person than in writing, but super funny nonetheless!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!! I'll keep praying for you!



Hermana Sallie

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