Monday, September 6, 2010

email of September 06, 2010

(NOTE: New photos added at the bottom of the page!!!)

Ok, so loading and sending pictures kind of takes a while, so I don't have a ton of time to write, but write I will with what time I have!!!!!

Pday is kind of a funny day of the week; it's nice because I have a chance to take care of everything for the week coming, but it's a pain because there's always SO MUCH to do! Also, I've discovered that I really do not enjoy shopping very much, especially grocery shopping. Mostly because it's just a lot of trouble, it's time-consuming, and the music they play kills me! OH THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! THAT is why missionaries are only allowed to listen to uplifting spiritual's SO easy to be distracted otherwise!

So there's this funny thing that they do here in Lynwood, and that is that they only allow yard sales on a specific weekend (sat and sun) every 3 months. This last weekend was one of those weekends. It's was nuts how many yard sales there were! We counted at least 25 within probably about a 3 mile distance! I couldn't help but think that Mom and Aunt Julie would have been in yard sale HEAVEN...except that probably 90% of those yard sales were run by people who don't speak any English :) Too bad they don't have yard sales on Mondays...

We've had a good week here! Javier was confirmed yesterday, which was great; we also have a new investigator who we met and taught for about 20 minutes on Saturday night who then came to church on Sunday, and Sunday pm asked for a BofM!!!!! His name is Abraham, and he almost seems a little too good to be true!!!

Something I've really been focusing on, praying for, and working on is recognizing and following the Spirit, and I've had some really good experiences this week with it! Probably the biggest thing that I'm realizing is just how small and quiet that voice usually is. It really is like E. Bednar taught us at the MTC: as long as we're "being good," obeying the commandments and keeping our covenants, doing our best to do our best, we're guided! And most of the time we don't even realize it until later! But it's a beautiful thing to be led by the Spirit, and I'm grateful to have the knowledge that I have, the gift of the HG, and to have the fulness of the gospel in my life!!!

The Church is TRUE!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Hermana Sallie

...who loves being a missionary!!!


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