Monday, September 20, 2010

email of 20 September 2010


How is everyone?!

Well, we had stake conference this weekend! We only went to the Sunday session (the Stake Center is really far away, and we didn't have any investigators who could go), but it was great! I'm so grateful that I speak and understand Spanish now! It really makes, well, everything, much more enjoyable and edifying. The talks were mostly on missionary work, but the stake president gave a really great talk about charity.

After stake conf, we went up to the Visitor's Center with our RC, Javier. It was SO GOOD!!! I LOVE our VC, and really, really, really hope that I'll have a chance sometime to come back here with you to show you too! There are so many awesome things there, and such a special spirit!

Ok, we needs LOTS of prayers this week! We have 3 baptisms scheduled for this Sunday, and it's going to really take the hand of the Lord and a few miracles from Him for it to all go well, but we've been praying our little hearts out, and are doing our best to do our part! Faustino, Margie, and Abraham are all going to be baptized on Sunday, and I am SO excited!!! It's amazing to see their progress, and the changes in their lives!!! So please, please, please include them and us in your prayers this week!!!

Ok, here's my funny missionary story for the week. It was way funnier in person, but hopefully you get a little laugh out of it:

So on Saturday, we were walking down the sidewalk to our car, and there was a boy, his mother, and grandmother walking towards us. The boy looked to be about 15 or so, with some type of mental handicap, and his mom was walking along with his grandmother, who was very old and frail, holding her arm to support and help her as they walked. Well, as we were walking towards them, the boy called out to us:

"Hey, that's a nice car!" (We drive a little 2009 silver Toyota Corolla)
"Thanks," We replied, enjoying his bubbly friendliness.
"Yeah, it's dirty!" he said, enthusiastically

That's the first funny part of the story. But then it continued:

"Yeah, it is, huh? Good thing we're going to wash it on Monday!"
"You're going to wash it on Monday?"
"Yep, that's our car washing day! See, we're missionaries, and we only do that kind of stuff on Mondays."
"Ooh," he said, kind of trailing off, but still very enthusiastic and happy to talk to us.
"Hey, can I give you a card?" I asked, walking over to him
"Yeah! What's it for?"
"Well, do you like to read, or do you like movies better?"
"I like to read!"
"Great! I have a card for you that you can call to get a free book that talks about Jesus!" I said, reaching into my planner to get one out for him.

Now this was the best part: As I was standing there next to him, reaching to get a card, he just reached right over and stroked my arm! It startled me for a second, and I thought he might be going in for a hug, so I got the card, turned and handed it to him, then quickly took a little step back. We talked to him and his mom for another second, then they kept walking and we left, but it was so funny, and we laughed about it all day! I know it's probably not nearly as funny just reading it, but it was hilarious in the moment, and just so sweet! Standing right there on the side of Long Beach Blvd in Compton, CA., and this sweet little handicapped boy told us we had a dirty car, then stroked my arm! Only on a mission!

Have a great week, and know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

I LOVE Being A Missionary!!!!!!!


Hermana Sallie


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