Tuesday, November 16, 2010

email of 16 November, 2010

NOTE: As you may note from her letter below, Hermana Wilson is coming home VERY shortly! Like next Wednesday, November 24!!! Now I know this is the day before Thanksgiving and many of you have already made plans, but if you are available and you would like to, you are welcome to gather with us at the Augusta Regional Airport (1501 Aviation Way · Augusta, Georgia 30906...(Bush Field)...it's out on Doug Barnard Pkwy south of I-520) to welcome her home. Her flight arrives at 8:20 pm. Thanks for ALL your support and faithful readership . . . enjoy her last two letters. (Sallie's dad)

Buenas Tardes !!!

Hello, Hello!!!!

This isn't quite a departing email...I've got one more yet! It's coming soon (to a theater near you...) though!

(Mom, sorry for repeating this part, but I decided to include this note in the big email too...)

Well, after last week's craziness of ZC and trainings and firesides and almost NO WORKING, I've decided to work as hard as I possibly can this week. This is my only/last shot at all of this, and I want to give it everything I possibly can! So the plan is to work ourselves into the ground this week; pray for miracles and find them! We're biking twice (today and Thursday), and we've set our goals high, and whatever happens, it's going to be a great week!

Super News for this week! Rogelio got baptized! The baptism went great, too! He's so sweet, and said that he felt like a "new man" coming up out of the water! He came too to the departing fireside afterwards and loved it. He cried during one of the musical numbers, and wasn't really sure why, or what to do; my companion helped him understand that it was the Spirit, and a good thing. I'm excited for him to be confirmed next Sunday!

We have a new mission challenge -- to read the entire BofM by Dec. 31st. I'm excited because I think it will really help me stay on the ball spiritually when I get home! I LOVE that book!!!

The departing fireside was wonderful! There are 8 of us going home together, and we all got to bear our testimonies. I was really nervous, for some reason, standing up to bear my testimony, and then to do a musical number a few minutes later, but it went really well. I contemplated talking a little bit about why I'd come, or how my experiences had all been, but decided that I wanted my departing testimony to be just that -- a sharing of my testimony of the Savior, the truthfulness of this work, the love of my Heavenly Father, and the powerful influence all of that has had in my life. All of that is so true, and I know it! I love being a missionary!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

I LOVE Being A Missionary!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sallie


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