Monday, April 5, 2010

email of 05 April 2010

Hello Family!!!

Wasn't General Conference A-MAZING?!?!?! Man alive, I LOVE conference! I actually meant to bring my notes with me to the library today so that I could share some of my favorite talks and other thoughts I had during GC, but I forgot it :( Sorry! I was rather impressed, however with how much the family was really talked about and emphasized this time around! I loved all the counsel for parents and for children, and Mom, I sat there thinking of you during all of E. Ballard's talk too! I'm always so excited when Conference time comes around, and so sad when it's over so quickly. Anyways, I just thought everything was so wonderful, and I am SO grateful that we are privileged to live in a time and place that allows us to: 1) Have a living prophet and apostles, and 2) be able to see and hear them speak almost instantaneously. What a blessing! We, of course, went to the chapel for each took me back a lot to my childhood days of dressing up and going to the chapel for every session, with Subway between sessions on Saturday, and plenty of whining about Sunday clothes and wanting to watch it in the gym...sorry about all that. Mom, Dad, thanks for persevering through all that to help instill such a love and appreciation for hearing the living prophets! We didn't have Subway between session on Saturday...we were actually helping one of our investigators move, so we didn't even get around to lunch on Saturday; we did, however have some hot and ready Little Caesar's pizza and freshly bought Mexican grilled chicken at our dinner appointment on Sunday...we're still working on Sabbath-day observance with some of our new-members here...

So I'm guessing you've all heard about our earthquake! Yep, apparently we got a 7.2 (from what I heard, the epicenter was in Baja, and it was felt into parts of AZ.), and would you believe that I DIDN'T EVEN FEEL IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AAAAAAAH! I'm so mad that I somehow missed it! I've always kinda wanted to feel an earthquake, and here I am, in California, sitting right on top of one of the biggest fault lines in the US (world?), we went and had one, and I didn't even realize it 'till someone we tracted into told us about it. I think we were out street contacting a little bit when it happened because we were talking to a guy named Mario when the homeless guy, David, who we'd just talked to, stood up, looked around, and pointed up at the power lines (he was several yards away from us, but I was facing his direction, which is why I saw him. He kept standing there for a minute, mostly looking up, so finally I looked up and noticed that the power lines were swaying, but I didn't think much of it. I think I just figured some animal or something had just run across them or something...I dunno. Anyways, apparently everybody else felt it but us...Lame. Oh, and as far as I know, or have noticed, there haven't been any major problems or structural damage or anything because of it.

Hmmm, let's see...I have more time than usual because I didn't have as many letters to read this week, and I'm not sure what to do with all this extra time! Sorry my letters have been getting shorter than they were at the beginning; I'll try to do better, but I just find myself more excited about reading than writing lately.

We had Zone Conference this week! It's one of my favorite parts of the transfer! We were trained on/talked a lot about working with the ward leaders, especially having a good relationship with the bishop and ward mission leader, and also had some really excellent trainings on our purpose as missionaries, charity, and the Atonement. It's such a great pick-me-up, and always comes at the right time...kind of like holiday breaks when you're in school, but on a slightly more intense spiritual level.

How is everything going for everyone?! Mom, I'm sure you're just loving being up in Oregon with Joseph, Wendy and their three little guys! How's little Caleb? Joseph says he's a pretty chill baby, which I'm sure is a nice contrast to the more energetic older boys. Give them all hugs and kisses for me!

Dad, sorry to hear about the tires...Kinda funny and slightly ironic the way you lost both front left tires right in a row, huh? Sounds like everything else is going well though -- thanks for your notes and thoughts on Conference! Oh, and thank you so much too for the E. Bednar talk you snail-mailed me a few weeks ago on faith! What an awesome talk!

David, how are all the plans going for graduation/college, etc? How's work, school, friends, all of that?

Sam, Suzan and little Samuel, how in the world are things going for y'all? Thanks for the little card you sent with the quotes and stuff in it a few weeks ago (sorry, I can't remember if I already said thanks for that or not)! Hope life is treating you well!

And Joseph and Wendy, I hope things are still going super well with the new baby and the other two little boys! Sorry to hear you've been so sick, Joseph -- I'll definitely send some prayers your way!

Well, that's it for now. Hope you all have a great week! Always remember that your missionary in SoCal loves you, prays for you, and misses you! The church is TRUE!!!


Hermana Sallie


I still love being a missionary :)

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