Thursday, April 1, 2010

email of 29 March 2010

Note: Why she was late this week: (Apparently Monday was Cesar Chavez day, so I'm just now getting to write ... I was under the impression that we live in the U.S., but I guess this is southern California...might as well be Mexico :) )

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to once again examine a week in the life of a missionary...

First of all, much love and congratulations to the Brown family!!! I'm so happy to hear how things are going for you right now! Thanks to the Lord for His abundant tender mercies over us and your family! I know lots of prayers have been offered on your behalf!

I'm SO EXCITED to have another little boy in our family! Babies and little children are one of the things I miss the most being a missionary...there's lots of them, but it's pretty much hands off for us, which kills! And then there's all these babies at home that I don't get to meet for a while, but it's all ok! Like the saying goes, I've left my family for a year and a half so that other people can be with their's for eternity! Speaking of which, I really want to find a family to teach and baptize! I was looking over the names of my recent converts this morning, and was just thinking of how much I love them all, but really really really want to be able to see a family come into the church and progress to the temple and everything. That is so much of what this is all about! It's not just "getting people wet," but helping all of them receive the exalting ordinances of the temple!!! One of the incredible blessings of serving a mission in the LA mission is being so close to the temple! It's been closed for the last week and a half or so for cleaning, and, as missionaries, we get a chance to help with cleaning assignments! We went and served last Wednesday, and got to help the florist take apart, and prep for a lot of the floral pieces in the temple and visitor's center! We also helped clean all the seats in one of the endowment rooms, and dusted railings and baseboards in another room. I LOVE the temple! It's such a beautiful place, especially when you know and understand the significance of what happens there. Being a missionary and studying the gospel much more in-depth than I ever have before has done so much to help me better understand and appreciate the temple, and I just want everyone to know about it and go there!!!

We had beach p-day this week! "Beach p-day?", you ask? Yes, it's true. We got to go to the beach this last Monday!!! We just stayed up on the sand, playing volleyball and building sand castles and looking at the ocean, and it was SO GREAT!!!! My companion got super sunburned. I wore sun screen. I do have some pretty great farmer's tan lines that are coming back now that it's warming up again. :) Love it.

Hmmm, let's see. Nothing else super exciting at the moment...we're teaching some great people; including a young man from Australia (Syndey) named James. He has a baptismal date for April 18th. Now we just need to get him more excited about it! He's willing and happy, but not exactly enthused...I don't think he's fully caught the vision yet. But he will!

I would like you all to know again how much I really love my life and love my mission. I'm so grateful that the Lord allowed me -- even prompted me -- to come and have this privilege.

Hope you all have a great week! Your missionary in LA is praying for you!!!!!

I Love you, and I love being a missionary!!!

Much Love,
Hermana Sallie


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