Monday, April 26, 2010

email of 26 April 2010

So...I do in fact have a birthday coming 24th, as a matter-o-fact. :) Here's a little something fun about it too: This coming transfer (starting Wednesday) is another temple p-day transfer, and I realized a few weeks ago that my birthday is on a Wednesday (which is the day we go), so I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I got to go to the temple on my p-day?! Well, we just happen to work in the same ward as the APs (who also live right next door in the mission home, and with whom we play soccer every morning), so Sunday at ward correlation, I asked about it -- not trying to find out about transfers, just checking to see if my zone (that I'll be in) might be going on my birthday. Anyways, so those elders, being the little sweetie-heads that they are (and I mean that in total respect and appropriateness) said they'd "see what they could do" to get my zone going on my birthday!!!!! What a great way to celebrate a birthday, no? I'm excited, anyways!

So speaking of my birthday, if you so choose to send me a little something (which wouldn't hurt my feelings in the least), I think the three things that would really warm me heart and soul would be some of Mom's homemade granola, some pictures of my amazing and incredibly adorable family, and some bread...if you can. At least the granola and pictures :) Hmmmm, stuff to de-smell shoes, hand-written letters, and just lots and lots of love! I don't particularly need any sweets -- I have a whole drawer full of them already, although a small bag of pb m&ms would be just fine...mostly because of the sentimental value :) I can't think of much else, so whatever your little hearts desire!

Now, on to my week!!!

This Wednesday is transfer-time again (dun, dun, dun), and I at least know that I'm not training again this time around!!! Not that I don't love's just that it would be nice to work with a sister who also has other experience and ideas in the work that I can draw on. My guess is that I'll be transferred because I've been here in MdR for 6 months now, but it is possible that I'll stay again. Who knows? (Well, the Lord, President and all the office Elders...). I'm excited to see what happens!

Yesterday was kinda fun; I thought of you, Mom, because we got called in to teach a teen-age Sunday School class that was missing a teacher. It was really fun! We taught the first part of Lesson 2 (the Plan of Salvation) to about 10 14-18 year olds. It was funny to see the know-it-all seminary masters, as well as the quiet, shy, reserved ones, and to talk about the Fall of Adam and Agency and the Atonement, etc. I just love being a missionary :)

We, once again, had no one at church this week. I don't know what happened, but my patience is sure being tried with a couple of our investigators. My companion said "Be nice!" when I called James to find out why he wasn't there (again). I just said "I am nice! Even when I'm frustrated I really try to be nice on the phone!" "Yes, but you're visibly annoyed," was her reply. I guess sometimes that still comes out in the voice, even when I try to be nice... Anyways, there was a visitor at the singles' ward, who apparently already had all the lessons, is in Alma in her BofM reading, and wants to be baptized.

We're teaching her tonight, but will have to pass her on to the other set of sisters that works in our ward b/c she lives in their comp is a little bummed about that, but oh well.

After church, we went to see Cesar, because we hadn't seen or heard much from him all week--since last, amazing Sunday--and he was home! And Happy to see us! He'd been out of town all week, but was back, had read the pamphlet we gave him last Sunday, and was thrilled when we asked if he wanted to come up that night for a temple tour and the Joseph Smith movie!!! He's great, and just makes my little missionary heart happy!!!

I sure hope you have a great week! I Love you SO MUCH and pray for you everyday! The church is true!!!

I LOVE being a missionary!!!

I LOVE all of you!!!!!

Hermana Sallie


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