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email from 14 June 2010

NOTE: sorry this was late fault. ALSO...I finally learned how to insert photos in the letters!!!! Thanks Wendy!!!
Sallie's Dad


Oh, life is good! I love baptisms -- they are truly the joy of missionary work -- but can I just tell you that they are the most stressful things as well?! They are.

Things actually went very well yesterday though; most of our opposition came the week before, so really, things were good. I was getting a little nervous when our baptizee wasn't there until 5:50 (the baptism started at 6), and the baptizer was even later! But, nonetheless (sin embargo!) everything went wonderfully! There was a great turn-out, the talks and testimonies were great -- really just perfect -- our missionary moment (the missionaries always stand up and share a brief gospel lesson while the person is changing, and Sis Tittle and I did it for this one), Mohammad was so happy; it just was a really great day! Oh someday I hope that you can come and meet all these people here! I just love them so much! It's really amazing what happens as a missionary -- the kind of love that you experience for others, especially those you teach and baptize! I also had a very nice compliment after the baptism, which I want to share by way of future remembrance for myself, and also because I thought you'd enjoy hearing, but not at all in a prideful way. You really don't need to include it on the blog, I mostly just wanted to share with my family :)

There's a man in our ward -- Bro. Christmas -- who looks like Santa Clause, and is a really funny old man. He's always making smart-alec remarks through Gospel Principles, and doesn't go to any conferences (stake, or general) because he says they repeat themselves too much. I know, I know -- it's just what he says!
Anyways, just after the baptism, Bro Christmas came up to me, shook my hand, and said (something to the effect of), "I really enjoyed your comments up there; I appreciated the things you said, and I felt the Spirit. Oh, and your eye contact is impeccable!"

I just thought that was so nice! It's always nice to hear a "good job!" when you do things like that, and I just especially appreciated that he noticed and commented on something specific; I guess I feel like that means he really meant it! Anyways, it was just nice -- I really try to be personal and meaningful when I teach, which includes looking people in the eyes. It's not something I really even think about too much, but I do it, and I'm grateful that he noticed :)

By the way -- we taught a short version of the 3rd lesson (PMG ch. 3), just in case you were curious :)

Guess what?! I felt and Earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!! It was actually last Monday, at about 2 in the morning. I woke up because my bed was shaking, and I laid there for just a second, then it stopped. My companion slept right through it, but I definitely felt it! Then, for the rest of the night I dreamt about earthquakes...weird dreams. Anyways, when I woke up the next morning, I wasn't 100% sure if I had jsut been dreaming, or what, but I was pretty sure, because I distinctly remembered waking up and looking at the clock and all that. So later that day when we ran into our WML's wife and son at Target, she asked us if we'd felt it. YES!!! There really was an earthquake, and I felt it! Apparently it was pretty close by -- just in Hermosa beach, but nothing else has really happened since then. Don't worry though -- I'm safe, everything is just fine; it's just part of living in California.

Sorry Mom, I hope I didn't worry you too much; I was just excited to have finally felt an earthquake. I'm over it now, and would be fine with no more earthquakes :)

It was great to hear from mom and dad this week -- I love getting letters full of Spiritual insights and happiness! Thank you!!!

I really excited because this week we'll be going to the temple for a special mission-wide devotional with Pres. Blackburn in the temple!!!!!!! Bah -- I can hardly wait!!!

I'm also sending a few pictures with this email :) One is of most of my zone last transfer, and the others are from Mohammad's baptism yesterday. The picture with just two sisters and Mohammad is Sis. Tittle and I; the other (with 3) is Sister Nef, who was Sis Tittle's companion when they very first started teaching Mohammad. Enjoy!

I want you to know that I really do love being a missionary! I know that the church it true -- the Book of Mormon is true, and no one can convince me otherwise!!! I'm SO grateful for the gospel in my life! Thanks for raising me in a good, righteous, gospel-centered home. I am forever indebted to you for that.

Just so you know, I'm walking in truth :)

I Love All of You SO MUCH, and I LOVE being a missionary!!!!!!!


Hermana Sallie


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