Monday, June 21, 2010

email of 21 June 2010

Hello Hello Hello!!!!!

I've been writing a few individual emails today, so this big one won't be quite as big as usual...but I'm only kind of sorry about that :)

Yesterday was a good Sunday! A little disappointing because most of the people we'd hoped would come didn't, but as President put it, "That's a sad part of the job" sometimes. On the plus side, Mohammad was confirmed, and it was wonderful! Pres and Sis Blackburn came (they weren't able to come to his baptism, which killed Sis B), and President even stood in the circle!!! How special is that?!

We had a wonderful experience this week! We had the opportunity to go to the temple for a chapel session and an endowment session -- as an ENTIRE mission!! President and Sister Blackburn are going home, and this was a sort of special "goodbye party". It was wonderful, just wonderful to be in the temple with our mission -- about 200 missionaries total!! The session was great, and it was really wonderful to be able to go into the Celstial room and be greeted by Pres and Sis Blackburn, and then to see all of my dear missionary friends and companions! THAT is what heaven is going to be like...only better!

I've been learning a lot about faith this week. Sometimes my faith is really weak and lacking, but the Lord is really strenthening and blessing me, as I go to Him and humbly ask. I shared with Dad my recent favorite scripture/story. It's in Alma 14, and is Alma and Amulek. Please read it -- especially verse 26! I wish I had the time and ability to express my love and testimony for and of the Lord, His Gospel, and my faith. Faith (along with all other Christlike attributes) is a gift you know! It comes, says PMG, as we exercise our agency righteously.

I love you all! Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!

Hermana Sallie

who LOVES being a missionary!!!!


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